TRACE – an ABC investigation into the 1980 murder of Maria James

From the ABC website-

“On a winter morning in June 1980, Maria James turned to her son Mark and looked him in the eyes. “If anything happens to me, look after your brother.” Later that day she was found stabbed to death at the back of her suburban Melbourne bookshop.”

The four episodes plus a mini bonus episode can be listened to here-

There are also five written articles available at the above linked page. They contain additional information to the audio episodes for those keen to understand what happened.


James Shanahan ABC interview July 2017

As the focus over Maria James’ murder narrows onto the church, Adam reveals new information about a second abusive priest within the family’s local parish.

Rachael Brown investigates the priest’s past and discovers a dark and disturbing history.

Warning: this episode contains material that may be confronting for some listeners.

Correction: This episode was republished on 6/7/2017 to correct a line of script that referred to Father O’Keefe as K, rather than by his full name.